Traditionally, Twin Pines has been a cash and local check only business.  In the day and age of credit and debit cards, we understand travelers don’t always carry cash on them anymore.  Twin Pines is still a cash only business, however to assist making your eating experience more convenient we have added an ATM machine in the lobby.  Twin Pines is now selling ice as well!! 

the Now...

In 2014, Ted and Judy Bean sold Twin Pines to Josh and Erin Bender marking the first time Twin Pines has been out of the family.  Josh and Erin, who were born and raised in Kittitas County, consider themselves food people and have committed themselves to upholding the strong tradition which has surrounded Twin Pines throughout the years. Keeping with tradition, food at Twin Pines is and will continue to be cooked to order (you won’t find any heat lamps at Twin Pines!).  Along with crispy shoe string fries and hand dipped shakes, Josh and Erin believe they are continuing to offer the best burgers and shakes you can get anywhere!!!  

We use only the best, freshest ingredients that keep
customers coming back AGAIN ANd again since 1958.

the beginning...

The Maglietti family opened Twin Pines in 1958 with the dream of creating the finest burgers, sandwiches, and shakes the world has ever tasted, end of story.  In 1983, Ted and Judy Bean purchased the business which they operated under the same vision until 2014.  Over the years, Twin Pines has become a focal point and stopping location for travelers and Kittitas County residents alike